Renard, who is living with Alzheimer’s disease, arm in arm with RJ, his care partner, in a supermarket
RJ putting his arms around Renard, who is living with Alzheimer’s disease, in a supermarket

What we can offer you:

Help getting LEQEMBI from Eisai Patient Support

Help getting LEQEMBI

Resources to help you determine your insurance coverage for LEQEMBI and learn where to access your medication.

Access to support programs from Eisai Patient Support

Access to support programs, including:

  • Benefits verification
  • Prior authorization information
  • Appeal information
  • Financial assistance information via the LEQEMBI Copay Assistance Program
Additional resources from Eisai Patient Support

Program information and additional resources

Programs and tools to assist you throughout your treatment.

Woman in office from Eisai Patient Support smiling and talking on headset
Woman from Eisai Patient Support smiling and talking on headset

How to contact us

Call 1-833-453-7362 (1-833-4-LEQEMBI), Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM ET.

Visit the Eisai Patient Support website to learn more about how to access LEQEMBI.

Get support

Downloadable resources

LEQEMBI Patient Brochure

What to know before starting LEQEMBI

This brochure explains what you need to know about LEQEMBI before starting treatment.

LEQEMBI Appointment Tracker

Keep track of your LEQEMBI appointments

Use this appointment tracker to help plan for your next LEQEMBI infusion and healthcare provider visits.

Guide to LEQEMBI Infusions

Your guide to LEQEMBI infusions

This guide was designed to help ensure that you feel informed and prepared to start LEQEMBI infusions.

LEQEMBI Companion logo

Discover LEQEMBI Companion—your online partner designed to help support you throughout treatment

LEQEMBI Companion is a website experience designed to help you and your loved ones pass the time at your LEQEMBI appointments. It provides easy-to-use features, games to play, calming tools, and helpful information about your treatment.

With LEQEMBI Companion you can:

  • Pass the time—with a selection of games to play during your appointments

  • Relax—with soothing sounds and calming meditations created to be used during your infusions

  • Learn—with useful information to help answer questions you may have about LEQEMBI treatment

Phone displaying the LEQEMBI Companion website

Get started with LEQEMBI Companion today

Make LEQEMBI Companion your treatment companion.

Bring your mobile phone or tablet and a set of headphones to each appointment and it'll be there to help throughout your treatment.

Click here to start exploring LEQEMBI Companion

Or scan this code on your
mobile phone or tablet.

Advocacy organizations

Alzheimer’s Association logo

Alzheimer’s Association®

The Alzheimer’s Association is a leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support, and research.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America logo

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America®

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America provides support, services, and education to individuals, families, and care partners affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Being Patient logo

Being Patient

Being Patient provides news, advice, stories, and support for Alzheimer’s patients and care partners, including a series of interactive guides.

US Against Alzheimer’s logo


UsAgainstAlzheimer’s elevates the voices of patients and caregivers as it focuses on prevention, early detection and diagnosis, and access to treatments.

Talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions.

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